A weird story of determination

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In the book ‘About Myself’, Russian paraphernalia named Wolf Messing writes, while mentioning the above incident, ‘My whole life changed from that day.’ Earlier, I used to think myself as helpless, helpless, but at that event, after that, the belief was born that there is a great power in me which can be awakened-I have been killed and successful in those endeavors.

From 1910 to 1950, Messing received worldwide fame. His determination of singularity of power was resolved many times before Expert-Scientists. The Stalin-like man also began to fear frightened, Stalin got frightened and arrested him, Stalin had no faith in what he heard, he took the test himself. He said to Messing- ‘Introduce your strength in front of me.’ He gladly agreed for this.

Stalin ordered- ‘You will be released from the closed room at two o’clock in the morning, one person will take you to a major bank in Moscow, you have to get one million dollars from the bank’s cashier. But you can only use your voice in meditation – not of any weapon. ‘

On the second day, the whole bank was surrounded by soldiers. Two people walked behind the Messing in the proxy for pistols so that they could not do any kind of trick. He was standing in front of Treasurer, Mason took out a blank paper from a pocket-watched with concentrated eyes and handed it over to Treasurer. Treasurer gently reversed the paper and was convinced that it was a check and it was correct. By keeping her with her, she gave one lakh rupees to Messing, carrying it and approaching Stalin and handing it over. Knowing all the details, Stalin’s surprise was not known.

Even so, Stalin did not have complete faith in his resolve power. On the other side, he took the money and reached the cashier, told the whole thing. He again looked at the paper kept in check, he was now just blank paper. While returning the money, Messing said to the cashier- ‘Sir! Sorry, this resolution was a small experiment of power. You have come here to return the punishment because you have to pay the punishment. ‘The clerk was so much more struck by the incident that he suffered a heart attack and had a fearsome dream for many days.

Stalin passed another order in order to confirm this secret, and after leaving the closed room under the supervision of the soldiers, they met Stalin at exactly 12 o’clock in the night. Stalin was kept strict security of the soldiers anyway, but the system was tightened so that somehow I could not get out of Stalin and reach Stalin, but despite all this, he had to smile at Stalin at the appointed time. Stalin was not believing in his eyes, but how could he refuse to appear before? In a mixed voice, he asked Messing how did you do this impossible task, with which power did you help – tell in a little detail.

I said nothing – this is nothing but a small miracle of the conceptual. I only did that to concentrate the mind on one thought, one goal – then after coming to the door and speaking to the soldiers in the voice of instruction, ‘I am wary.’ It is worth mentioning that Varia was the highest officer of the Russian army after Stalin Was considered a powerful officer.

‘When the desire to meet you, the first line of soldiers told me a room number. Upon arrival, I re-introduce myself as before. The troops deployed on the security indicated a room in the other direction, there was also a group of armed soldiers. Seeing the name of General Seraiah and seeing them in front, the soldiers also greeted the way forward and greeted them further. Thus, after crossing seven groups of soldiers, it definitely came to know where you are? By introducing myself as before, I succeeded in coming here.

Stalin started a new formula by Messing that there exists an unreliable power within man which is more capable than direct weapons and can be done by the impossible level tasks. Stalin appointed a psychiatrist named ‘Namor’ for testing the transcendental power of Messing, who was regarded as a reflection specialist of his time psychology. He studied Messing for a long time, finally, he announced that ‘the unconscious power of the mind is stronger than consecutiveness; it can be used for both good and bad work. I am awakened in the unconscious vivid form within Messing, through which he inspires others to inspire others with inspiration and will succeed in their own purpose. ‘

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