Bizarre abilities in human

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Occasionally such incidents have also emerged, in which children are born from body of a man. Even if embryos were undeveloped and even though they could be considered twins, origin had only been made by the male body. From these examples, it is proven that not only in body of a woman, but also in male art, there is ability to perform actions that take from conceiving to pregnancy. There may be more development of this possibility if the opportunity is available, and like the woman, the male can also be capable of doing reproduction.Jean-Jacques Laurent, a 17-year-old boy from France, had a chest pain complaint. Doctors found and found a lung tumor, did not have the whereabouts of doctors, when they took a baby with a developed organs weighing 3 pounds 15 odds instead of tumor.

The British Pathologist’s conscience has described a fetus as the twin brother of the boy who entered his body in some way during the pregnancy, and the same continued to grow.A similar incident happened in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) district hospital. A two-year-old boy from Badayun was diagnosed with a stomach as a tumor and found a developed fetus in the stomach. Which was kept safe for more exploration.

Many incidents of child origination from the body of the male are well known and their descriptions are printed in magazines extensively. In 1956, at the Tokyo hospital, a teenaged boy had an aborted baby and 11 percent of him had an immature baby. Children’s legs, hair and other parts of body were clear. In same year, in 1956, the child was taken out of the operation of a male at the Hanoi Hospital in North Vietnam, who also cried during birth. If these facts are considered in depth, then it has to reach the conclusion that even if the male and female are on the art of clinging and changing, the state of the soul is above both or is full of bilateral prospects. You may have to become a woman who is a man today. In the same way, women get the opportunity to perform the role of male. When this wrap is topical. Why do such walls between men and women, in which the gap between rights and duties should be raised? Someone is small, someone should be considered bigger. Together, they should create a society system that does not require any soul to experience inconvenience or injustice in the changing gender situation.

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