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In order to serve world human, a man should determine scheduling schedule and see how much amount of time he can spend. If money is not with man, then there is no harm to it. Time is so precious with man and emotions are so precious. That man can use this time and emotion properly, so much grants can be given to society, which is more than millions of dollars. If we want people and people we read, then we can’t run two hour-long schools in time of our remaining service. Yes we can run Can run. Two hours we do not have a leisure, yes, we have, if we want, then we can put it.

A man should give time to run a night school, in the same manner as our plans, only literacy is not only with literacy but with help of knowledge revolution and right way to think, schools should be established, those schools should be lined up in their neighborhood In town can be assembled in the village. And from small age to old age, all children in this case. Today, every child here lives in ours. There is not even a single young man. If young people were fun then they would have enjoyed. All unread educated people live without a single read man. If you were a read man, would not you be unhappy? Is there nothing to understand about life, I do not understand anything about life, I do not understand them. Who will say what is written without reading and who does not know to think properly, then life is not a feeling of living a better life and following his duties towards society, who will call him again. The child will be called. Will be said unread. Unread and children, even small Omar and old Omar, and also read without studying, both come in same kind of people. And to make these people educated, we need a night school to be educated and night school should be run everywhere. Even if we do not come to read in our school, our darling can join. Our children can join.

Our parents and brothers and children can join. Teach them to teach and explain. That’s a matter of pride. And it is so attractive to send your night to school, in which the storyline has been made for uneducated people, has been made glueous, that what we call two hours, what are the four hours, say stories, and education Keep on giving and talking to them, then man can’t walk, can’t go away, can’t get rid of it. Will remain seated and will say such. Two hours less, what were saying funny things, tell such story stories to us every day, brother and more. One thing in this way is that we should propagate literacy through adult schools through night schools and try to give literacy as well as to give suggestions to solve problems of human life.

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