Donewell Life Company Limited

Donewell Insurance Company was incorporated under Ghana’s Company Code 1963 (Act 179) on 3rd November 1988; the Company was granted a license to operate as a composite company by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) on 26th February 1993 in accordance with PNDC law 227 and commenced business on 1st March 1993. Over the years it has been selling both life and non-life products within the Ghanaian market. In compliance with the provisions of the new Insurance Act 2006 (Act 724) that requires composite insurance companies to separate their life from the non-life businesses, Donewell Insurance Company established Donewell Life Company as a limited liability company under the Company’s Code, 1963 (Act 179) in September 2007 to underwrite life insurance business only. Effective January 1, 2008, the Life Division of Donewell Insurance Company started operating as fully-fledged life assurance company under the name Donewell Life Company.

However, following the new regulatory capitalisation requirements by the NIC in 2016, Donewell Insurance Company Limited ceded its total shares in Donewell Life to Pinnacle Equity Investments Limited (A privately owned equity firm) in November 2016.

The Mission Staatement of Donewell Life Company Limited is to improve the financial security of our clients by offering life insurance products that respond to their needs, operate with commitment to unparalleled standards of business ethics and good governance whilst building shareholder value.

The Vision Statement is to become the icon of the life assurance industry in Ghana.

Passion, Integrity, Collaboration and Discipline are the Core Values of the Company

Life Insurance Products Offered by Donewell Life Company Limited includes;
Individual Life Policy
Group Life Policy
Edwadifuo Ahubanbo Plan
Loan Protection Policy
Comprehensive Group Life/Term Policy
Skuul Boafo Policy
Comprehensive Loan Protection Policy
Keyman Protection Policy
Mortgage Protection Policy
Royal Funeral Policy

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