Part-1 Resolution power- A divine grant

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Famous English Literature, H.G. The mothers of Wales kept their stomachs under their wages after wages in the houses. In such unfortunate circumstances, he enthusiastically sought every opportunity of earning an education and by that endeavor, he became a master of high ranking. Scientist Edison’s life story is similar to Wales. Other findings can also be found in India and abroad, in which conflicting people have faced such great successes, who can be called miracles, struggling with uneven conditions. In fact, the resolution power is such a divine grant, which can be beneficial for everyone, it is possible for everyone.

Whether there is a male or a woman, a child, or a cold-hearted person, or a sick person, or poor, something happens to the situation – does not get deteriorated, the importance is of the power, the mind is making the circumstances themselves and succeeding themselves. There can be a difference in how much time and labor took place, but the people trying to create self-fulfillment fulfill their aspirations late in the day according to their efforts. Women’s conditions are comparatively lower than in men, but this belief is right as far as their morale is gone. By understanding their dignity, if they wake up the resolving power then there is no reason why they should stay behind in any area from the male.

Scholars were engaged in the structure of cassette grammar weapon. His wife, Bhati Moong, used to make a rope and manage it. Karl Marx, the father of communism, also did not earn anything. This work used to be his wife ‘Jane’. By buying old clothes and making small cloths from them and selling them by ferrying them. In order to encourage husbands in this manner, they used to work hard to encourage and support their husbands. Pratap Chandra Rai, the poor scholar of Bengal, took all his power and property into the translation work of the Mahabharata but settled in the middle. His wife completed the relics work by enhancing his Sanskrit knowledge.

In addition to the wisdom and the means to man, he has received such a huge divine grant by which he can show the impossible even possible. The incident is in 1910-a sixteen-year-old teenager was traveling on a German train. Running away from home he wanted to go somewhere, he could not take the ticket due to lack of money. On seeing the ticket inspector, he tried to hide under the seat, but he could not escape the eyes of the ticket inspector. He asked for a ticket from the teenager, he did not have the ticket. The newspaper piece was lying nearby, the teenager picked it up in his hand, resolved in the mind that it was a ticket and he got that piece in the ticket inspector’s hand. The mind, the mind repeats this resolve- O God! She would see that piece of paper. Her surprise was not known when she saw that the inspector returned the piece of paper and said, ‘Have you gone mad? When you have a ticket then what is the need to hide under the seat? ‘

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