Part-2 Resolution power- A divine grant

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Of course, the will power of God is paramount in God’s given divine grants. The original seed of successes in physical and spiritual life has been considered as strong will power. The emergence of all the powers is done through a strong resolution force. In his book ‘The Emotions and Will’, British psychiatrist Wayne Alexander said that the vigor of resolution force transports human personality to higher stairs. According to him, there are many weaknesses in man, from which to save the body, the morale has to be elevated and the desired power has to be intensified. Success comes only where there will be an intensity of desire power and the appropriate efforts are made. Consistent will power molds the brain into its structure, according to which the physical and mental activities begin to circulate.

Yoga practitioners have been exhibiting similar verbs by the Yoga practitioners who have not been comfortable believing, but during the scientific inspection, they were found absolutely right and their acting skills were accepted unanimously. One such experiment was conducted by Harvard Institute for Psychic and Cultural Research, under the patronage of a French physicist named Dr. Theres Brosse. For this, he came to India to study the singularities of yoga with his friend Dr. Miilovanovich. During his experiments, he found the right to stop heart beating in the conclusions of his detention on the basis of many types of investigations. Such a yogi came in a lot of numbers, which generally reduce the beats of 72 times per minute to 30. Most of the yogic yogis who were immersed in stool-urine without taking food and water without breathing from 3 days to 28 days were found correct. The answer to his being nonsensical is to press his hand into the ice and touch the fire.
A yogi could extract sweat from whatever part he said with the resolution force. With this, he understood the essence of spirituality and expressed the true nature of India in the Western world. Not only this, once an Indian yogi in London performed such a public demonstration in 1928, he surprised the doctors with minimum pulse speed of 20 and maximum 120. He used to tighten his flesh and skin so much that ordinary weapons did not have any effect on him. King Ranjeet Singh of Panjab introduced the evidence of the six months long underground tomb of Haridas, a sadhu named Haridas. The monk stayed in the pit for a whole month, the pit had been planted off the top so that there was no scope for any manipulation. When the place was dug after six months, the sadhus came out alive and they were normalized in some time.

In this regard- In the book ‘History of the Sikhs’ (author Dr. McGregor), detailed description of the performance of underground tomb in 1837-38, by Guru Swami Haridas of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It was also overseen by other high officials of the British State appointed in Punjab. Swami Haridas was sealed in a strong Ark and was dumped into a deep pit dug in the ground, then put the soil on top and closed it from the plaster. After 40 days, the body of Swamiji found the body unconscious after taking out the cistern by digging the pit. There was no palpation in the heart and nerves but the position of the crest in the head was so hot that it touched the hand. By removing the wax from the ear-nose, according to the pre-specified method, after spraying the cold water on the body, his body became enlightened and started talking to all the attendees and specific guests in the same way as they were before going to the tomb.

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